ABET       Online Invoice Payment Site

To successfully pay an invoice by credit or debit card please follow all instructions and enter all required information accurately and completely.

Please read and note the following prior to proceeding with payment:

1. For your security ABET does not directly accept nor store payment card or bank information and therefore will only accept credit/debit card transactions online through this website.

2. Split or partial invoice payments can be made by following these additional two steps:

     a) Add a suffix to the end of the invoice number such as: -1, -2 or -A, -B example invoice number. 1234-1 1234-2.

     b) Divide total due into unequal payment amounts such as $4,500 & $5,500 for a $10,000 invoice balance.

***transactions that are exactly the same amount may be declined due to "fraud or duplicate" transaction merchant protection.

3. To pay multiple invoices please enter each payment separately to ensure transactions are posted as intended.

*Invoice Number:
*Institution or Customer Name:
Commission(if applicable):
*Invoice Amount:
*Invoice Payment Amount:
Total Amount to be Charged to Card:

Please provide your contact information:

*Contact Name:
*Phone Number:
*Contact Email:

Clicking submit directs you to the First Data Corp. Secure Payment Gateway to enter your billing information and complete payment. ABET does not collect or store credit card information.